The Honest Seaman (1908)

  • Joachim Ringelnatz


Once there was a fairy living on earth in the shape of a beautiful princess. She dwelt in a splendid castle, kept innumerable servants and golden carriages drawn by stately horses, and wore the most sumptuous clothes. She became famous far and wide for her wealth as well as for her beauty. Then the princess let it be known that she wanted to marry, but that she would only take for her husband a man completely free of lies and without a false disposition, for she loved truth and openness above everything. Well, knights and noblemen flocked to her castle from all corners of the land, and they all wanted to possess the rich and beautiful princess. She had them appear before her one by one, asked a question and ordered the suitor to answer it truthfully. After the answer she made him open his mouth, whereupon she put on her magic glasses and looked inside. She then saw that none of the men had spoken the truth because they all had forked tongues. This made the fairy very despondent, and she sent the knights and noblemen away,

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