Evaluating a Questionnaire on Transfer Pricing Issues of SMEs That Operate in the EU

  • Veronika Solilova
  • Danuse Nerudova
Part of the Contributions to Management Science book series (MANAGEMENT SC.)


This chapter evaluates a questionnaire regarding transfer pricing issues of SMEs that operate in the European Union. This questionnaire focuses on general transfer pricing concepts, such as transfer pricing methods, documentation, advance pricing agreements, a country-by-country report, the compliance costs of transfer pricing, the time needed for transfer pricing requirements and tools that decrease the compliance costs of transfer pricing. The evaluation is performed from several points of view. The evaluation is conducted first from the perspective of all EU Member States where SMEs operate, then from the perspective of parent companies and finally from the perspective of subsidiaries. Moreover, the questionnaire detects whether SMEs prefer to introduce simplified measurements for transfer pricing rules and specifies which type of measurement is preferred. In addition, the questionnaire determines whether SMEs prefer the implementation of a C(C)CTB system and whether they would welcome EU-comparable benchmarks for selected industries.



The chapter is the result of the GA ČR no. 15-24867S “Small and medium size enterprises in global competition: Development of specific transfer pricing methodology reflecting their specificities”.


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  • Veronika Solilova
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  • Danuse Nerudova
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