• Markus Raffel
  • Christian E. Willert
  • Fulvio Scarano
  • Christian J. Kähler
  • Steven T. Wereley
  • Jürgen Kompenhans


The chapter begins with a motivation of microfluidic flow analysis and summarizes the main diagnostic tools commonly used for flow measurements in microscopic systems. Thereafter, the typical implementation of 2D planar micro-PIV is presented, followed by a short historical background of significant development steps since 1993. Next, the imaging of volume-illuminated small particles is discussed and the essentials of three-dimensional diffraction pattern are outlined. The concept of depth-of-field and depth-of-correlation are introduced and the problem of particle visibility is discussed in detail. The second half of the chapter focuses on 3D micro-PIV and micro-PTV techniques. First, scanning, stereoscopic and tomographic micro-PIV recording techniques are presented. Thereafter, the confocal scanning microscopy and defocusing techniques are discussed. Finally, the 3D astigmatism PTV technique is outlined in detail and the strength of the technique for 3D time resolved flow analysis in micro-scale systems is demonstrated.


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