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Shared Spacetime: Community



In this chapter, Wiener Dow explores the way in which individuals—by sharing in time, and, to a lesser extent, space—form community through deed. The halakha thus weds together two areas of the ineffable, communal existence and theological truth, and this understanding renders intelligible key concepts of the halakha. Kiddush Ha-shem, the sanctification of the divine name, lies at the heart of Jewish law because it places paramount import upon the way in which the external observer views the individual’s act. Maḥloket, disagreement, is central to halakha because it allows for divergent understandings of the divine command. The charge of the halakha as communal religious praxis results from the oscillation between inwardness that characterizes the encounter with the Divine and an uncompromising demand of the intersubjectivity of the deed.


halakha and community Jewish communal norm Kiddush Ha-shem Marit Ayin Mipenei darkei shalom/the ways of peace Maḥloket/disagreement 

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