Improved STDM Watermarking Using Semantic Information-Based JND Model

  • Chunxing Wang
  • Teng Zhang
  • Wenbo WanEmail author
  • Jiande Sun
  • Jing Li
  • Meiling Xu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10602)


The perceptual just noticeable distortion (JND) model has attracted increasing attention in the field of the quantization-based watermarking framework. The JND model can provide a superior tradeoff between robustness and fidelity. However, the conventional JND models are not fit for the quantization-based watermarking, as the image has been altered by watermarking embedding. In this paper, we present an improved spread transform dither modulation (STDM) watermarking scheme, which is based on the image primitive features produced according to JND mechanism. The procedures include the contrast masking effect by utilizing a new measurement of edge strength which represent semantic information. What’s more, the proposed semantic information-based JND model can be theoretically invariant to the changes in the watermark-embedding processing. The newly proposed JND model is very simple but more effective in the STDM watermarking. Experiments results demonstrate that the proposed watermarking scheme can bring about better performance compared with previously proposed perceptual STDM schemes.


Watermarking JND Model STDM Semantic information 



This work is partially supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61601268), Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (ZR2016FB12, ZR2014FM012), Key Research and Development Foundation of Shandong Province (2016GGX101009) and Scientific Research and Development Foundation of Shandong Provincial Education Department (J15LN60).


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  • Chunxing Wang
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  • Teng Zhang
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  • Wenbo Wan
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  • Jiande Sun
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  • Jing Li
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  • Meiling Xu
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  1. 1.School of Physics and ElectronicsShandong Normal UniversityJinanChina
  2. 2.School of Information Science and EngineeringShandong Normal UniversityJinanChina
  3. 3.Institute of Data Science and TechnologyShandong Normal UniversityJinanChina
  4. 4.School of Mechanical and Electrical EngineeringShandong Management UniversityJinanChina

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