Project “Dynamic Museums for Social Learning”

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  • Edoardo Rovida
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The project allows us to offer a unique new system, created within the Museums themselves, which combines the character and personality that defines a person’s behavior, his/her cultural desires, and turns objects in museums into instruments of knowledge, participation, and emotion for each Visitor. The active collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism and with the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano has allowed us to apply the project to five national archaeological museums, and publish the results. The benefits to Italian cultural life can be enlarged, implemented and made more fertile through new technologies of communication and information. We have found great partners in the participating museums, who have shown remarkable patience with the management of the results and assisted in preparation of the information in order to form a complete picture. The Curators’ profound knowledge about the objects and their great love for the museum reality has been in full evidence since initiation of the project, not to mention their willingness to share and communicate with the Visitors, who, although the project is still completely new, have already delivered a positive rating on its effectiveness, over 82%, an unexpected achievement.

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