Dynamic Similarity Search over Encrypted Data with Low Leakage

  • Daniel HomannEmail author
  • Christian Göge
  • Lena Wiese
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10547)


Though cloud databases offer advantages in terms of maintenance cost, they require encryption in order to protect confidential records. Specialized searchable encryption schemes are needed to provide the functionality of privacy preserving search on encrypted data. In many use cases, a search which also returns the correct documents when the search term was misspelled is very desirable. Therefore, we present a novel similarity searchable encryption scheme. Our scheme uses symmetric encryption primitives, is dynamic, i.e. allows the efficient addition and deletion of search terms and has sub-linear search cost. We prove that the leakage of our scheme is low and that it provides forward security. Our scheme is built by employing a new construction technique for similarity searchable encryption schemes. In this construction a searchable encryption scheme is used as storage layer for a similarity searchable encryption scheme.


Similarity search Fuzzy search Searchable encryption Symmetric encryption Cloud databases 



This work was funded by the DFG under grant number Wi 4086/2-2.


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