Conclusions and Trajectories: Future Cities that are Blue and Biophilic

  • Timothy Beatley
Part of the Cities and the Global Politics of the Environment book series (CGPEP)


Blue biophilic cities represent a compelling new urban vision for the future, one appropriate both for the opportunities available and for the challenges faced by coastal cities. The marine nature all around can be the source of immense benefit for urban residents in the form of wonder, physical and mental health, purpose and meaning. At the same time, blue biophilic cities can exert leadership in ocean conservation and serve as a pioneer in shaping new and more sustainable relationships with the marine world (e.g. by re-thinking what they harvest from and grow in the ocean). It is hoped that the stories told, and the examples and ideas presented, in this book are just the beginning, and that blue biophilic cities will continue to innovate and continue to imagine and explore new connections to the marine environment.


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