Architectures of Rhythm

  • Brigid M. CostelloEmail author
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Our journey into rhythm, play and interaction design has taken us along many interesting paths, each inspired by one of the eighteen creative practitioners interviewed for this book. Through the ideas of these creative practitioners, we have understood rhythm as something that shapes societies, cultures, thoughts, bodies, meanings and perceptions. We have also uncovered strategies for designing rhythms across all its dimensions and gained insights into the feelings rhythm can evoke when it is performed and perceived. Before finishing, we now have a short summary of the many rhythmic design strategies that have been uncovered. This summary cannot possibly express the full nuance of all that we have discussed nor the true vitality of each strategy, but it will act as a reminder of the detail covered in the previous chapters. The summary is divided into sections that address the three major themes of the book—strategies for creating dynamics, designing for expressive control and the pleasures of playful experience.


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