An Experimental Investigation into the Flow Mechanisms Around an SUV in Open and Closed Cooling Air Conditions

  • John Pitman
  • Adrian Gaylard
Conference paper


A Range Rover SUV with the cooling apertures open and closed had a range of force, surface pressure and flow-field measurements recorded in the FKFS Aero-acoustic wind tunnel. With modern automotive aerodynamics requiring low drag in a range of operating conditions, the primary motivation was to give insight into the interacting flow mechanisms which lead to differing aerodynamic behaviours depending on the vehicle configuration. Cooling drag, the drag difference between the vehicle with open and closed cooling apertures, is used as a metric to demonstrate a set of complex flow interactions occurring on this vehicle between the front and rear wheel wakes and the base wake.



The author wishes to thank Domenik Schramm, Felix Wittmeier and Timo Kuthada at FKFS for consultation on the flow-field surveys, James Imrie and Rick Shock for supporting the experimental work, and Sebastien Chaligne for proof-reading and general consulation, and Jaguar Land Rover for the permission to publish this work.


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  1. 1.Jaguar Land RoverWarwickUK

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