A Comprehensive Review of the Flower Pollination Algorithm for Solving Engineering Problems

  • Aylin Ece Kayabekir
  • Gebrail BekdaşEmail author
  • Sinan Melih Nigdeli
  • Xin-She Yang
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 744)


Engineering optimization problems are often solved by using metaheuristic algorithms. Flower pollination algorithm (FPA) is a nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm and FPA have been used in a variety of engineering problems. In this book chapter, the engineering applications of FPA and its variants are reviewed, and the applications include chemical engineering, civil engineering, energy and power systems, mechanical engineering, electronical and communication engineering, computer science and others. Further research topics are also outlined.


Flower pollination algorithm Optimization Metaheuristic methods Civil engineering Nonlinear optimization 


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