Variants of the Flower Pollination Algorithm: A Review

  • Zaid Abdi Alkareem Alyasseri
  • Ahamad Tajudin Khader
  • Mohammed Azmi Al-BetarEmail author
  • Mohammed A. Awadallah
  • Xin-She Yang
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 744)


The flower pollination algorithm (FPA) is a nature-inspired algorithm that imitates the pollination behavior of flowering plants. Optimal plant reproduction strategy involves the survival of the fittest as well as the optimal reproduction of plants in terms of numbers. These factors represent the fundamentals of the FPA and are optimization-oriented. Yang developed the FPA in 2012, which has since shown superiority to other metaheuristic algorithms in solving various real-world problems, such as power and energy, signal and image processing, communications, structural design, clustering and feature selection, global function optimization, computer gaming, and wireless sensor networking. Recently, many variants of FPA have been developed by modification, hybridization, and parameter-tuning to cope with the complex nature of optimization problems. Therefore, this chapter provides a comprehensive review for FPA variants from 2012 to present.


Algorithm Flower pollination algorithm Optimization Nature-inspired algorithm Swarm intelligence Metaheuristics 



The first author would like to thank the University Science Malaysia (USM) and The World Academic Science (TWAS) for supporting his Ph.D. study which is under (USM-TWAS Postgraduate Fellowship, FR number: 3240287134).


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  3. 3.Department of Information TechnologyAl-Huson University College, Al-Balqa Applied UniversityIrbidJordan
  4. 4.Department of Computer ScienceAl-Aqsa UniversityGazaPalestine
  5. 5.School of Science and TechnologyMiddlesex UniversityLondonUK

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