Perspectives in Orthodontics

  • Philine H. Metelmann
  • Karl-Friedrich Krey


The subject of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities and malfunctions in the dentofacial and stomatognathic system as a specialty field of dentistry.

“Plasma orthodontics” is a new emerging area of Plasmamedicine which is why at present only few specific research results are available. However, the great potential of cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP) that has already been demonstrated in other dental disciplines can also be applied to certain aspects of orthodontics.

Thanks to the invention of compact CAP-sources with hand-held units, Plasmamedicine was able to enter the field of dentistry. Modern plasmajet-devices create a fine, needle-shaped plasma-effluent of about 10 mm that is very suitable for treating intraoral areas and surfaces that are otherwise hard to reach.

Possible applications of CAP in orthodontics mainly derive from the following three properties of CAP:
  • antimicrobial efficacy

  • surface conditioning

  • wound healing


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