The Path to the first Convention

  • Christian Felber


This final chapter describes how a democratic process of implementation can be started anywhere at the local level, that is in municipalities, districts, or regions. A “sovereign money municipality” could for instance be the next step after becoming a clean energy city, a fair trade city, or a climate protection city. The chapter describes how a democratic assembly can be constituted, how the questions at stake could be elaborated and, very importantly, how decisions could be efficiently made via “systemic consensus” whereby the resistance against all options is measured and the winner is the proposal which generates the least resistance. A possible set of questions—including several alternatives for each—is provided as an appendix to this last chapter. Once many municipalities or regions have implemented a democratic monetary convention, they could send delegates to a national or even international convention that would prepare the monetary part of a constitution or the EU Lisbon Treaty—directly decided upon by the sovereign citizens.


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