Layer Double Hydroxide Reinforced Polymer Bionanocomposites for Packaging Applications

  • Sunita BarikEmail author
  • Sushanta Kumar Badamali


Layered double hydroxides (LDH’s) are a group of inorganic solid possessing structural similarity to that of brucite Mg(OH)2. They are extensively used in the field of catalysis, biomedical applications, nuclear waste storage/treatment, water treatment, composites etc. LDH offer high surface area and a huge boundary with the polymer, which direct the material properties. For this reason, nowadays, LDHs are drawing much more attention as a filler material for the synthesis of polymer matrix composites. Presently, research on biopolymer based nanocomposite is on the increase because of their relative profusion, low cost and environmental friendly nature. Present chapter focuses on different synthesis route followed for development of LDH based bionanocomposites along with their characterisation. Further, various properties of the synthesised composite are assessed to find out the suitability of the material for different purposes.


Layered double hydroxide Bionanocomposites Exfoliation Tortuous path Barrier properties 



Author expresses her thanks to UGC, New Delhi, for providing financial assistance under UGC BSR Fellowship scheme.


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