Current and Future Evidence in Medical Malpractice

  • Peter Vanezis
  • Stephanie Prior


An overview of the principal procedures and tools that are made available to one who intends to bring legal proceedings in order to seek recognition and compensation for damage from medical malpractice in the United Kingdom is set out. A close examination is performed of multiple aspects characterizing the professional responsibility of the physician within the Common Law System, outlining new prospects for the sharing of biomedical knowledge among healthcare professionals, also through the use of biomedical platforms, with the aim of ensuring adequate performance and the promotion of continuous professional improvement. Finally, the proposal of a predetermined damage assessment system that allows the healthcare structures to fulfill the contractual obligation in case of violation of the same is discussed. The preventive quantification of damages from malpractice contained within a certain threshold and the timely admission of liability would allow the reduction of procedural expenses and, simultaneously, the speeding up of compensation procedures.

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  1. 1.Cameron Forensic Medical Sciences, Clinical PharmacologyWilliam Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of LondonLondonUK
  2. 2.Osbornes Solicitors LLPLondonUK

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