Appendicitis in Adults and Children: Evidence-Based Emergency Imaging

  • Booth AldredEmail author
  • Laura B. Eisenmenger
  • Marta E. HeilbrunEmail author
Part of the Evidence-Based Imaging book series (Evidence-Based Imag.)


Appendicitis is a common disease of both the pediatric and adult population. CT demonstrates superior sensitivity and specificity for appendicitis compared to ultrasound in the adult population, with less variability, and is the imaging modality of choice in nonpregnant patients. The use of IV contrast enhanced CT is adequate for diagnosing appendicitis obviating the need for enteral contrast. However, in the pregnant patient, MRI is recommended when available. In the pediatric population, increasing concerns about ionizing radiation warrant the use of US followed by CT for negative or equivocal cases in the nonobese child.


Appendicitis Pediatrics CT MRI US Pregnancy IV contrast Emergency imaging Evidence-based imaging 



The authors would like to acknowledge the work of Drs. C. Craig Blackmore, Erin A. Cooke, and Gregory David Avey. This current chapter represents a significant revision and substantial update of their chapter (Imaging of Appendicitis in Adults and Pediatric Patients in Medina LS et al., eds: Evidence-Based Imaging: Improving the Quality of Imaging in Patient Care. NY: Springer Science; 2011), incorporating the most current evidence.


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