The Top50 List Vivification in the Evolution of HPC Rankings

  • Dmitry NikitenkoEmail author
  • Artem Zheltkov
Conference paper
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The most productive and powerful supercomputers always arouse great interest being flagships of the HPC machines fleet. These giants always require new forms of presentation because of innovations in design. This also leads to evaluation and development of new ways of comparison and supercomputer ranking. There is a variety of known regional and world-level rankings based on different methods. Every ranking is rich in peculiarities in its development. In this paper we try to observe the evaluation of supercomputing rankings and discuss our vision of vivification of the oldest regional ranking - The Top50 list of most productive supercomputers of Russia and CIS and its features.


Supercomputer Model of supercomputer HPC ranking Performance and productiveness Comparison of HPC systems Methods of description for supercomputer design 


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