Algebraic Compilation of Safety-Critical Java Bytecode

  • James BaxterEmail author
  • Ana Cavalcanti
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10510)


Safety-Critical Java (SCJ) is a version of Java that facilitates the development of certifiable programs, and requires a specialised virtual machine (SCJVM). In spite of the nature of the applications for which SCJ is designed, none of the SCJVMs are verified. In this paper, we contribute a formal specification of a bytecode interpreter for SCJ and an algebraic compilation strategy from Java bytecode to C. For the target C code, we adopt the compilation approach for icecap, the only SCJVM that is open source and up-to-date with the SCJ standard. Our work enables either prototyping of a verified compiler, or full verification of icecap or any other SCJVM.



The authors gratefully acknowledge useful feedback from Augusto Sampaio on the application of the algebraic approach. We also thank Andy Wellings for his advice on SCJ and Leo Freitas for his help with the use of Z/EVES and understanding of icecap. This work is supported by EPSRC studentship 1511661 and EPSRC grant EP/H017461/1.


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