The Lesson of the Universe

  • Ivo Assad Ibri
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The consequences of Peirce’s realism–idealism are shown in this chapter mainly as a naturalized Logic that rules the whole universe, making it a Kósmos Noetós, an expression used by Plato in the Timaeus, meaning “intelligible universe.” Peirce’s Metaphysics is, indeed, a refined architecture, founding a new Philosophy of nature, a cosmological Philosophy, where every possible strangeness between man and Nature is gradually undone and where all human faculties are also findable in Nature, extending them to the natural reign, in a radical nonanthropocentric Philosophy. Evolution considered in time imposes that we, humans, are a product of Nature, mainly including in this heritage all our mind faculties. A radical decentralization of meaning from the human sphere brings a spreading of intelligence, creativity, and sensitivity in diverse degrees to all living beings, who, in a cosmic timescale, are older than us and have a sort of logical history to tell us. This is, in short, the main meaning of the title of this last chapter.


Cosmical intelligence Nonanthropocentric philosophy Nature lesson 

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