Cosmology: The Ontological Ground of the Categories

  • Ivo Assad Ibri
Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 131)


This is the most complex and philosophically rich chapter of the book, as it shows the radical genetic character of Peirce’s Philosophy. It is a rare available exposition of Peirce’s cosmogenesis which makes a synthesis of all doctrines already exposed in the previous chapters. Peirce’s Cosmology might be considered a brilliant metaphysical guessing on the origin of the universe, with a starting point before its material reality, considering the formation of the three categories coherently with Objective Idealism, a doctrine that claims that matter is a sort of very old mind governed by inveterate habits. Dealing with an abductive Logic, that is, a Logic of possibilities, Peirce conjectures about an absolute potential Nothing from where this universe is one possible consequence among many other possible ones, as well. This is a fascinating aspect of Peircean Philosophy from which many other heuristic consequences may be derived. One of them is a justifiable explanation about why Reality, as defined by Peirce, plays an essential rule in the development of mind.


Peirce’s cosmogenesis Origin of categories Logic of possibilities 

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