Objective Idealism and the Continuum

  • Ivo Assad Ibri
Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 131)


This chapter deals with the foundation of Peirce’s Objective Idealism, which claims that matter is nothing but an effete mind, dominated by inveterate habits. This doctrine clearly refuses the Cartesian dualism between mind and matter, proposing that everything in the universe is of the nature of mind, matter being an especial case of mind exhausted by predominance of law, notwithstanding some deviation of it promoted by the action of Chance. Actually, this doctrine was also a consequence of the hypothesis about the origin of the laws of nature, which claimed that such laws are habits of conduct acquired along evolution, in a sort of generalization procedure typically observable in human mind. The sequence of this chapter exposes Peirce’s Theory of Continuity, which becomes his mature concept of Realism, claiming that reality and continuity are almost synonymous. Two kinds of continua will be considered by Peirce, namely, of possibilities and of quasinecessity, approaching with both, respectively, the proper nature of firstness and thirdness.


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