Vasiliev and the Foundations of Logic

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Nikolai Vasiliev offered a systematic approach to the development of a class of non-classical logics, which he called “Imaginary Logics”. In this paper, I examine critically some of the central features of Vasiliev’s approach to logical theory, suggesting its relevance to contemporary debates in the philosophy of logic. I argue that there is much of significant value in Vasiliev’s work, which deserves close philosophical engagement.


Vasiliev logical pluralism Revisability a priori negation 



My thanks go to Jean-Yves Béziau, Walter Carnielli, Newton da Costa, Itala D’Ottaviano, Venanzio Raspa, Vladimir Vasyukov, and Dmitry Zaitsev for many illuminating discussions or correspondence about Vasiliev’s work. I should thank Zaitsev, in particular, for creating the opportunity for me to write this paper, for organizing several stimulating conferences on logic and its philosophy in Moscow (in one of them, focused on Vasiliev’s work, this paper was originally presented), and for the wonderful hospitality during my visits to Russia. My thanks are also due to an anonymous reviewer for insightful comments on an earlier version of this work.


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