Computational Aspects of a Time Evolution Scheme for Incompressible Boussinesq Navier-Stokes in a Cylinder

  • Damián CastañoEmail author
  • María Cruz Navarro
  • Henar Herrero
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering book series (LNCSE, volume 119)


In this work we show some computational aspects of the implementation of a three dimensional spectral time evolution scheme for incompressible Boussinesq Navier-Stokes including rotation effects in a cylinder with a primitive variable formulation. The scheme is a second-order time-splitting method combined with pseudo-spectral Fourier Chebyshev in space. To deal with the singularity at the origin a radial expansion is considered in the diameter of the cylinder. The order expansion in the radial coordinate gets doubled. We develop a matrix processing that combines the use of the parity of the fields and the discretization functions to cancel half of the terms in the matrix reducing the radial dimension to the original one.



This work was partially supported by the Research Grant GI20163529 (UCLM) and MTM2015-68818-R MINECO (Spanish Government), which includes RDEF funds.


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  • Damián Castaño
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    Email author
  • María Cruz Navarro
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  • Henar Herrero
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  1. 1.Instituto de Matemática Aplicada a la Ciencia y la Ingeniería (IMACI)Universidad de Castilla-La ManchaCiudad RealSpain
  2. 2.IMACIUniversidad de Castilla-La ManchaCiudad RealSpain

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