Annex 1: The Route Schedules

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The route schedules at Sections 1–4 define very precisely the routes over which US and UK airlines might carry traffic. The rights differ as between Combination Air Services carrying passengers and cargo (Section 1 for the US, Section 3 for the UK), and All-Cargo Services carrying cargo only (Sections 2 and 4). The route schedules of Bermuda 2 are possibly the most complex in any air services agreement. This is partly because they needed to make provision for services not only between the United States and the United Kingdom, but also to and from United Kingdom territories around the world, including notably Hong Kong, Bermuda and UK territories in the Caribbean. But it is also because Bermuda 2, as originally conceived, was an old-fashioned, restrictive agreement, describing precisely what rights might be exercised by the airlines of each Contracting Party.

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