Annex 1. Section 5: Notes Applicable to All Routes

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The original text consisted of paragraphs 1–9 only. Paragraphs 10–11 were added in the Heathrow Succession Negotiations of March 1991 (Chap.   4 and Part III, Document 25) to make provision for code-sharing ; these paragraphs were revised in 1995 (Part III, Document 27), when paragraph 12 was added, granting access to some Fly America traffic, and paragraph 13 setting a 28-day time limit (subject to conditions) within which the US Department of Transportation undertook to act on applications for economic authorization under paragraphs 10–12. The code-sharing provisions in these Notes were a critical first step towards the facilitation of airline alliances (Chap.   5 ) even if deeper levels of co-operation required further approval under UK, EU and US competition rules (anti-trust immunity ).

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