Living in Two Countries

  • Warner Max Corden
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In the period from December 1988 to January 2000, we lived in Washington DC but paid ten visits to Australia. Thus, we spent much time with our mothers, and I also gave many lectures and attended many conferences in Australia. In 1997, my close friend, Fred Gruen, died; in August 1995, my mother died; and in February 1996, Dorothy’s mother died. In this chapter I have written at some length about my mother and her two sisters in their later years. Aunt Elli had come earlier from France and died in Melbourne in 1986. In 1992, Jane left her John and moved to another NSW town, Narrandera, and settled down there. In September 2000 my brother, Gerald, died. At that time, we were in Oxford.

Dorothy and I returned for good to Melbourne in 2002.


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