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Quality of Calcined Petroleum Coke and Its Influence on Aluminium Smelting

  • José Subero
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This paper reports a study on the structure and porosity of calcined petroleum coke (CPC), the impact on mechanical properties of the corresponding baked anodes; and their behaviour in electrolytic reduction cells, especially the susceptibility towards thermal shock. This work was supported by characterization techniques used by CVG Venalum and PDVSA (Venezuela), such as mercury porosimetry, physisorption, and image analysis by optical microscopy (OM). The results indicated that good CPC quality is reflected by good mechanical anode properties as long as the anode manufacturing process is stable. The anode properties are related to the OTI (optical texture index). It is therefore possible to predict the anode behaviour from the CPC structure and porosity, take appropriate action, and decrease the net carbon consumption (NCC).


petroleum coke thermal shock anode quality OTI (Optical Texture Index) 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • José Subero
    • 1
    • 2
  1. 1.CVG VENALUMZona Industrial MatanzasBolívarVenezuela
  2. 2.UNEXPO (Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Antonio Jose de Sucre)BolívarVenezuela

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