DevOps: Foundations and Its Utilization in Data Center

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Nowdays the importance of the term DevOps (Developer Operations) has been increasing around the world, and Mexico is not the exception. This chapter describes the DevOps approach established in a Data Center of Mexico of a large Mexican governmental organization. The DevOps approach proposed aims to produce a seamless bridge and path between the software development teams and the release and deployment teams at Data Centers for developing and releasing software products. The approach was developed taking into account the process, the people and the technology. Therefore, the foundations, phases, activities, roles and artifacts are described. Besides, the chapter also reports benefits and challenges found in two illustrative real cases implemented in a large Mexican governmental organization data centers. Finally, the main recommendations and cautions in the implementation of a DevOps approach are reported.


DevOps approach Software engineering Quality assurance Infrastructure technology Data centers 


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  1. 1.Mathematic Research CenterZacatecasMexico
  2. 2.Group of Systems Engineering, National Institute of Statistics and GeographyAguascalientesMexico

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