Relating Tempo to Metric, Melodic and Harmonic Analyses in Chopin’s Prélude op. 28, No. 4

  • Guerino Mazzola
Part of the Computational Music Science book series (CMS)


We investigate the relationship between analytical information extracted from the score of Chopin’s Prélude op. 28, No. 4 and tempo curves obtained from 30 recordings by well known pianists. The score related information consists of metric, melodic and harmonic weight functions. A hierarchic regression approach is used. The statistical analysis yields strong evidence for the approximate validity of an operator defined in terms of hierarchically decomposed weight functions, as originally introduced in Beran and Mazzola (1997) in the context of Schumann’s Träumerei, see also Chapter 44. Further analysis based on these findings reveals some typical features of the performances. This chapter only summarizes the methods and results and refers to the paper [110]. The reader is asked to consult that paper for a thorough discussion.


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  • Guerino Mazzola
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