8 Clivus and Upper Cervical Spine

  • Moujahed Labidi
  • Shunya Hanakita
  • Kentaro Watanabe
  • Anne-Laure Bernat
  • Nouman Aldahak
  • Schahrazad Bouazza
  • Sébastien FroelichEmail author


Endoscopic techniques in neurosurgery have allowed an increasing number of skull base lesions to be treated through more limited exposures. In this chapter, we review the surgical anatomy of the craniocervical region and discuss the more recent advances in endoscopic endonasal and transcranial techniques as applied to lesions in this location. We will focus on the surgical treatment of chordomas, as these are the archetypal lesions encountered in this location.


Clivus Craniocervical junction Chordoma Keyhole surgery Endoscopic endonasal surgery 



Craniocervical junction


Cranial nerve


Cerebrospinal fluid


Computed tomography


Endoscopic endonasal approach




Gross total resection


High definition


Internal carotid artery


Motor evoked potential


Magnetic resonance imaging


Nasoseptal flap


Pterygopalatine fossa


Pterygopalatine ganglion


Posterior septal artery


Somatosensory evoked potential


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