3 Nasal Flaps and Reconstruction

  • Cristine Klatt-Cromwell
  • Brian Thorp
  • Charles S. EbertJr
  • Deanna Sasaki-Adams
  • Matthew G. Ewend
  • Adam M. ZanationEmail author


Endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery has seen a significant amount of development in recent years, pushing techniques to fit a broadened anatomic understanding in the setting of advanced instrumentation. With these developments, skull base reconstruction has required continued innovation. Initially, skull base reconstruction employed a multitude of cellular and acellular grafts and has now expanded to include pedicled flaps. In this chapter, we describe these different reconstruction techniques including their uses, benefits, and limitations.


Skull base reconstruction Nasoseptal flap Pericranial flap Temporoparietal fascia flap CSF leak Endoscopic skull base surgery 


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