Remote Laboratories: For Real Time Access to Experiment Setups with Online Session Booking, Utilizing a Database and Online Interface with Live Streaming

  • B. Kalyan RamEmail author
  • S. Arun Kumar
  • S. Prathap
  • B. Mahesh
  • B. Mallikarjuna Sarma
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 22)


This paper discusses the physical implementation of lab experiments that are designed to be accessed from any web-browser using clientless remote desktop gateway apache guacamole with the support of remote desktop protocol. Which also facilitates live streaming of the experiments using axis cgi api, online slot booking for students to book their respective sessions and apache Cassandra database for users details storage.

Here, we shall address all aspects related to the system architecture and infrastructure needed to establish a Real time Remote access system for a given machine (in this case being electric machines - which otherwise could be extended to any machine). This is being built to evaluate the system feasibility to implement a complete machine health monitoring system with remote monitoring and control capability, though the current implementation is aimed at students being able to perform the experiments related to machines lab.


Remote labs Engineering laboratory experiments Apache guacamole Remote desktop protocol Live streaming Axis cgi api Online slot booking Apache Cassandra database 


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  • S. Arun Kumar
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  • S. Prathap
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  • B. Mahesh
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  • B. Mallikarjuna Sarma
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  2. 2.Independent ConsultantsBangaloreIndia

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