Advanced Intrusion Prevention for Geographically Dispersed Higher Education Cloud Networks

  • C. DeCusatisEmail author
  • P. Liengtiraphan
  • A. Sager
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 22)


We present the design and implementation of a novel cybersecurity architecture for a Linux community public cloud supporting education and research. The approach combines first packet authentication and transport layer access control gateways to block fingerprinting of key network resources. Experimental results are presented for two interconnected data centers in New York. We show that this approach can block denial of service attacks and network scanners, and provide geolocation attribution based on a syslog classifier.


Authentication Identity management Attribution 



The authors gratefully acknowledge support of the National Science Foundation grant Cloud Computing – Data, Networking, Innovation (CC-DNI), area 4, 15-535, also known as “SecureCloud”.


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  2. 2.BlackRidge TechnologiesRenoUSA

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