Triplet Shear Tests on Masonry Units with and Without Seismic Textile Reinforcement

  • Berna Istegun
  • Erkan Celebi
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 7)


This research primarily aims to investigate experimentally the mechanical behavior and the crack pattern of the perforated brick block masonry specimens under shear stresses before and after reinforcing procedure with seismic textile. The reinforcing system is a combination between an inorganic matrix made with natural hydraulic lime and white cement and a hybrid multiaxial seismic textile made from Alkali Resistant (AR) glass and polypropylene fibers. The effect of the single-sided application of the sand plaster on the non-strengthened wall specimens is also tested to compare with both reference and retrofitted specimens. The obtained results of the triplet shear tests are given in the manner of force-displacement curves comparatively for all specimens considered without/with textile reinforcement. The shear strength for each triplet specimen investigated is also obtained. The effect of the presence of seismic textile as well as the applied sand plaster on the mechanical behavior of the triplet specimens is emphasized. It is concluded that the shear resistance and the ductility highly influenced by using the seismic textile and relevant plaster.


Triplet shear tests Retrofitting Seismic textile Masonry wall Insulation plaster 


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  1. 1.Department of Civil EngineeringSakarya UniversitySakaryaTurkey

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