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Creation of the Umbilical Region During Full Abdominoplasty: New Concepts and Techniques

  • Juarez M. Avelar


Ever since Vernon (Am J Surg 94:490–492, 1957) introduced transposition of the umbilicus during abdominoplasty, creation of the new umbilical region is an expected procedure that is a constant challenge. Due to its location in the central area of the abdomen and the fact that there will always be scars around the umbilicus when the new region is created, this procedure requires a special approach. Using my technique, it is possible to achieve good aesthetic results, avoiding scar retraction and contraction, which are both unfavorable results. According to pre-operative evaluation, planning, and demarcation, the whole cutaneous covering of the infra-umbilical region is always resected. Cutaneous incisions on the umbilicus are done prior to skin resection. The umbilicus transposition is not performed when lower and upper abdominolipoplasty are done since the skin around the navel is not resected. To perform upper abdominoplasty, sub-mammary incisions are done on each side. When lower abdominoplasty is carried out, skin resection is done only on the suprapubic area.


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