The Navel’s Vascular Anatomy and Its Surgical Application

  • César Kelly Villafuerte VelezEmail author


This chapter presents the results of an anatomical and histological study of 15 fresh cadavers to clarify the basis macro- and micro-vascular circulation of the umbilical scar. The investigation discovered that the navel’s circulation is provided by an anastomotic circuit between the fascio cutaneus artery and the terminal skin branches of myocutaneous paraumbilical perforators, suggesting specific applications in surgery.


Umbilical blood supply Umbilical scarring 



We are thankful for the fundamental and special collaboration of my colleagues Dr. Juan Santamaria and Dr. Gilvan Gomes Pinho. Also our acknowledgment to Dr. Rolando Zani, Anatomy Assistant Professor at the Paulista School of Medicine, to Dr. Ângelo Sementilli, Director of Department of Pathology at Portuguese Charity- Santos, and to our Professor Dr. Ewaldo Bolivar de Souza Pinto.


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