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Umbilicoplasty in Bikini Form

  • Saad Barhoum


In the plastic surgery literature, innumerable techniques exist for umbilicoplasty or neo-umbilicoplasty during abdominoplasty. The author describes herein a new technique, the Bikini Form Umbilicoplasty, which is a combination of several procedures already described in literature.

The author has performed this technique for over 14 years on approximately 2900 abdominoplasties. The method’s name comes from the triangular shape given to the umbilicus.

With the sharpened end of an applicator, three strokes of 0.8 cm each are made, forming an equilateral triangle of upper base and downward tip. Two simple Guillies’ hooks are pinned on the upper and lower part of the umbilical marking and then they are raised to reveal the umbilical cylinder.

With a scalpel blade number 15, a bikini-shaped incision is made over the marking of the abdominal skin where the umbilical stump is to be projected and placed. The final union of the umbilical stump edges to the abdominal skin is made with a sub-dermal U-shaped suture.

Patients are pleased with their final appearance. In conclusion, this is a very easy, reliable, and reproducible technique. It results in a very natural appearance that endures.


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