Surgical Techniques in Liver Transplantation

  • Holden Groves
  • Juan V. del Rio Martin


Liver transplantation is the standard of care for end stage liver disease, fulminant liver failure, unresectable primary tumors of the liver and metabolic diseases whose associated enzymatic defect are located primarily in the liver. The evolution of liver transplantation has involved improvements of surgical and anesthesiological techniques, the development of more effective and less toxic immunosuppression and improved patient selection to achieve outcomes unthinkable only few years ago. The surgical technique of liver transplantation has evolved since the pioneering times largely due to an increased knowledge of liver hemodynamic physiology. Intraoperative management requires close cooperation between anesthesiologist and surgeons and the liver anesthesiologists needs to have a good understanding of different surgical techniques of this complex surgery. The success of the liver transplantation will depend on the creation of adequate hepatic inflow, both portal and...


Incision Portocaval shunt Anhepatic phase Portal anastomosis Arterial anastomosis Hepatectomy 


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