NuSys: Collaborative Insight Extraction on Shared Workspaces

  • Philipp EichmannEmail author
Part of the Human–Computer Interaction Series book series (HCIS)


Gaining insights – the act of acquiring a deep and intuitive understanding of a thing or concept – is often achieved through discussions in small work groups. Students frequently conduct informal study group sessions where scholarly material is revisited, and questions and ideas are bounced back and forth as a way to gain and present new insights. NuSys is a software framework that enhances how groups develop ideas when a shared workspace on an interactive whiteboard (IWB) and smaller devices driven by pen & touch gestures replace a physical whiteboard as the collaborative focal point. The core component of our system provides a fluid interface to an unbounded two-dimensional workspace, where study material can be seamlessly imported, laid out, grouped, annotated, linked and tagged collaboratively on multiple clients in real-time and in a free-form fashion.



The author thanks Andy van Dam, Bob Zeleznik, and Rosemary Simpson for their valuable feedback and discussions, and all undergraduate researchers who have contributed to this project.


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