Into the Vacuum: Populism, UKIP and the Five Star Movement



This chapter investigates the evolution of more ferocious and muscular Euroscepticisms, in the form of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in Britain and the Five Star Movement (M5S) in Italy. These Euroscepticisms may have influenced to varying degrees the wider societies and indeed coloured the debate on Europe-related issues. Subsequent issues that are examined in newspaper discourse analysis include the 2014 European elections and the meteoric rise in popularity of these two movements, as well as the vote for Brexit, with UKIP leading the charge. Analyses will note if the newspapers examined these evolving Euroscepticisms, embraced them or, indeed, maintained a distance. If and how these movements impacted upon the discursive construction of Europe in Il Giornale and The Times will be investigated.


Populism Farage UKIP Grillo Five star movement The caste 


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