Future Prospects and Vision

  • Ajeet KaushikEmail author
  • Babak Kateb
  • Madhavan Nair


The nano-enabled approached for (a) nanoparticles surface chemistry needed to bind with therapeutic agent, (b) stimuli-response drug delivery and site-specific release of therapeutic agent, (c) development of pharmacological relevant personalized nanomedicine, (d) bioinformatics to manage a targeted diseases, (e) smart sensing system for diagnostics have been described in this book. However, there is a considerable explore novel biocompatible nanostructures to develop nanoformulation (NF) exhibit targeted delivery, better efficacy, and no adverse effects. Beside this novel nanostructures are also in demand to fabricate miniaturized sensing system for POC applications for rapid diagnostics needed for timey therapeutics. The state-of-the-art of advancements in personalized nanotherapeutics, related challenged, potentials future vision are discussed briefly in this chapter


Personalized nanomedicine POC systems Health care management 



Authors acknowledge NIH grants namely RO1DA027049, RO1DA034547, RO1-DA037838, RO1DA040537, and RO1DA042706.

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