The Need for Mentoring in the Preuniversity Educational System



Mentoring novice teachers, young people who need guidance and help to adjust to the new culture is more than a necessity. Most novice teachers have never experienced the benefits of a mentoring program. Schools should be different, welcoming, and very open to provide support to young teachers. Initiation includes all activities that novice teachers are trained and supported to meet the mission and philosophy of the school, in such a way that they are part of a team. The mentoring process is difficult but necessary for beginners. In the school context, a mentor is an experienced teacher involved in supporting a novice teacher within the school. As schools become true acculturation areas where young teachers would feel welcome, accepted, and supported until they are able to master both the class of students and the contents taught, there is a need for a mentoring program according to the specific nature of each school. Each school is unique, so it is important that trainee teachers should be helped to deal with the troublesome cultural context of the new school community.


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