Assessment of Employments: An Essential Process in Increasing the Efficiency of Human Capital Use Within the Romanian Health-Care Facilities

  • Cătălina Oana Mirică (Dumitrescu)


The labor management process in an organization shall decisively determine its success, the involvement of the management in the employments’ assessment process, and the increase of the organization’s efficiency by clearly defining the role and importance of each employment in the organizational chart. In the Romanian health system, the employments’ assessment process has a limitative character and, for the most part, is strictly applied in order to determine the amount of wage, the real value of this process being substantially reduced, and the issues related to the importance and value being largely ignored. The typology of used methodologies and the manner in which they are applied may guide the organization to success. That is why, the preoccupation in increasing the efficiency of the employments’ assessment process should be a reference point within organizations with specific activity in the field of health. The prepared study points out the issue of the reduced importance attached to the employments’ assessment process in particular and is based on an analysis of internal regulations of some health-care facilities in Romania and the provisions enunciated on the tackled problems. The clarity and equilibrium of the provisions on the employments’ assessment process determines the manner in which they shall be effectively applied at a later period, the elimination of the subjectivism of this process as far as possible, and the quotation of the respective employment at the declared value.


Management Assessment process Employment Regulation Recruitment Promotion Waging Performance 


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  1. 1.Management Collage at Bucharest University of Economic StudiesBucharestRomania

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