The Clinical Credentialing Process

  • Greg Bohall
  • Mary-Jo Bautista


At first, we struggled with identifying our rationale to include this chapter in a professional development textbook. After all, licensure is a process where you simply complete an application and submit requested materials for review. That’s it! However, upon further review, we noticed that there were several themes that continued to arise that has delayed licensure to qualified prelicensed applicants. Furthermore, faculty in graduate school are not required to be licensed. Since licensure is not required to educate or to research and these are the two primary functions of graduate school faculty, prelicensed graduate students may not be receiving the mentorship and/or guidance with these applications that they need. Our rationale for the inclusion of this chapter is to provide information and considerations when applying for licensure in psychology that may ease the transition to a licensed psychologist. In this chapter, we outline the different types of credentialing and the role of licensing boards. The general components of a licensure application and additional documentation are then reviewed followed by financial considerations for licensure and a brief review of continuing education. Although continuing education is reviewed, which is appropriate for licensed psychologists, this chapter is most appropriate for prelicensed early career professionals seeking licensure as a psychologist.


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