The Curriculum Vitae and Professional Marketing

  • Greg Bohall
  • Mary-Jo Bautista


In the psychology job market, the curriculum vitae is heavily emphasized. Candidates are often pressured to obtain a variety of experiences that can fill a curriculum vitae in diverse areas in order to market themselves for different positions. Although the curriculum vitae is very important when applying for job positions, we believe the focus should be on the process which does include the curriculum vitae. By this process, we mean that the cover letter, curriculum vitae, thank you letter, professional appearance, interview skills, and marketing oneself are all equally important; if one component is missing, unsatisfactory, or substandard, then it could impact the potential for the job opportunity. In this chapter, we will outline some of the differences between the curriculum vitae and resumè as well as review the rationale for the curriculum vitae in psychology. The style and content of the cover letter, curriculum vitae, and thank you letter will also be reviewed. Lastly, we will provide some of the finer points of professionally marketing yourself for a desired job position in psychology.


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