Generalized Geometry of Norden and Para Norden Manifolds

  • Antonella NanniciniEmail author
Part of the Springer INdAM Series book series (SINDAMS, volume 21)


We study complex structures \(\widehat{J}\) on the generalized tangent bundle of a smooth manifold M compatible with the standard symplectic structure. In particular we describe the class of such generalized complex structures defined by a pseudo Riemannian metric g and a g-symmetric operator H such that H2 = μI, \(\mu \in \mathbb{R}\). These structures include the case of complex Norden manifolds for μ = −1 and the case of Para Norden manifolds for μ = 1 (Nannicini, J Geom Phys 99:244–255, 2016; Nannicini, On a class of pseudo calibrated generalized complex structures: from Norden to para Norden through statistical manifolds, preprint, 2016). We describe integrability conditions of \(\widehat{J}\) with respect to a linear connection ∇ and we give examples of geometric structures that naturally give rise to integrable generalized complex structures. We define the concept of generalized \(\bar{\partial }\mbox{ -}operator\) of (M, H, g, ∇), and we describe certain holomorphic sections. We survey several results appearing in a series of author’s previous papers, (Nannicini, J Geom Phys 56:903–916, 2006; Nannicini, J Geom Phys 60:1781–1791, 2010; Nannicini, Differ Geom Appl 31:230–238, 2013; Adv Geom 16(2):165–173, 2016; Nannicini, Adv Geom 16(2):165–173, 2016; Nannicini, J Geom Phys 99:244–255, 2016; Nannicini, On a class of pseudo calibrated generalized complex structures: from Norden to para Norden through statistical manifolds, preprint, 2016), with special attention to recent results on the generalized geometry of Norden and Para Norden manifolds (Nannicini, J Geom Phys 99:244–255, 2016; Nannicini, Balkan J Geom Appl 22:51–69, 2017).


Generalized geometry Hessian manifolds Lie algebroids Norden and Para Norden manifolds Statistical manifolds 



The author’s research was partially supported by the following grants of the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR): PRIN Varietà reali e complesse (2010NNBZ78) and by GNSAGA of INDAM.


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