Trade-offs Based Decision System for Adoption of Cloud-Based Services

  • Radhika GargEmail author
  • Marc Heimgartner
  • Burkhard Stiller
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 740)


Decision of adopting any new technology in an organization is a crucial decision as it can have impact at the technical, economical, and organizational level. Therefore, the decision to adopt Cloud-based services has to be based on a methodology that supports a wide array of criteria for evaluating available alternatives. Also, as these criteria or factors can be mutually interdependent and conflicting, a trade-offs-based methodology is needed to take a decisions.

This paper discusses the design, implementation, and evaluation of the prototype developed for automating the extended theoretical methodology of Trade-offs based Methodology for Adoption of Cloud-based Services (TrAdeCIS) developed in [5]. This system is based on Multi-attribute Decision Algorithms (MADA), which selects the best alternative, based on priorities of criteria of a decision maker. The applicability of this methodology to the adoption of cloud-based services in an organization is validated with a use-case and is even extended to other domains, especially for Train Operating Companies.


Cloud computing Cloud adoption Decision support system Multi-attribute Decision Algorithms 



This work was partly funded by FLAMINGO, the Network of Excellence Project ICT-318488, supported by the European Commission under its Seventh Framework Program. The authors would also like to thank Bram Naudts for discussions and excellent input with respect to applying TrAdeCIS to Train Operating Companies.


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  • Radhika Garg
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  • Marc Heimgartner
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  • Burkhard Stiller
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