Adaptation and Deployment of PanDA Task Management System for a Private Cloud Infrastructure

  • Oleg IakushkinEmail author
  • Daniil Malevanniy
  • Alexander Bogdanov
  • Olga Sedova
Conference paper
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Management of computational infrastructure is a complicated task which, often employs user workloads delivery across multiple clusters. Criteria for such tasks distribution may vary: priority, transport costs, utilization of data, node capabilities, etc.

Such process happens to tasks devoted to the simulation and analysis of the results of high-energy physics experiments at CERN. For task distribution on massive data streams obtained during ATLAS experiment, “Production ANd Distributed Analysis system” (PanDA) was developed. It performs management of workloads delivery and execution in a geographically distributed cluster environment. This paper is devoted to the deployment of PanDA server in a private cluster setting.

This paper presents architecture and its implementation that allows, to run and embed PanDA system into existing computational solutions. It consists of a container, that isolates PanDA server its dependencies and environment from other system processes and an embedded Web interface which simplifies task management for end-users. In other words, our approach is focused on PanDA system deployment speed up by means of security layer simplification, containerization and stateless client web service implementation. System was tested on a heterogeneous geographically distributed Azure cloud nodes.


Grid computing User interface API Virtualization Deploying 



This research was partially supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant (project no. 16-07-01113). Microsoft Azure for Research Award ( as well as the resource center “Computer Center of SPbU” ( provided computing resources. The authors would like to acknowledge the Reviewers for the valuable recommendations that helped in the improvement of this paper.


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    Email author
  • Daniil Malevanniy
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  • Alexander Bogdanov
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  • Olga Sedova
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  1. 1.Saint-Petersburg State UniversitySt. PetersburgRussia

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