A Survey on Bus Monitoring Systems

  • Jessica Castro
  • Iury Araujo
  • Eudisley AnjosEmail author
  • Fernando Matos
Conference paper
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With the growing interest in Smart City using Internet of Things (IoT) the focus in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has increased, and consequently has been used to monitor numerous environments, such as health, habitat control, houses and public transportation. Due this expansion, the numbers of technologies and researches on bus monitoring systems has increase. Thereby, this survey provides information about researches, used technologies, implementation, difficulties and problems on bus monitoring systems.


Bus monitoring system Intelligent transportation system Smart city Internet of Things Wireless Sensor Network 


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  • Iury Araujo
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  1. 1.Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing Laboratory (LUMO), Informatics CenterFederal University of ParaíbaJoão PessoaBrazil

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